Dyeing and Printing of Art Silk Cloth, Polyester fabrics.
Process Description = Grey Cloth (Loading).


In this Process Jet Dyg. M/C is filled up with water and there after cloth is injected in to the machine finally the two ends of cloth are tied up and machine lid is closed.


The cloth inside the Jet M/C is washed with cold water there are basically following two type of process adopted for washing,

  • Running wash
  • Batch wash


In these process hot alkaline liquors is circulated under pressure for 30 minutes at up to 1300c temperature. In this step solvents are removed from the fabrics and weight reduction taken place and chemicals also added in this process. After Scouring M/C is drained out and again running wash is done.


In this process acid is added along with water and steam. Inside Jet M/C achieving temperature up to 1000c still the cloth kept about 15 minutes. After that waste water discharged from M/C and process cloth is ready For Dyeing.


In this process required dyes are added In the Jet M/C with fresh Water along with other chemicals as applicable. The temperature up to 1050c will maintained up to 15 to 20 minutes. Then cooled up to the temperature at 900c. There after Batch is discharged.


In this process cloth washing after point no.2 and acid wash after point no.4.


The cloth is removed from Jet Dyeing M/C for transferring to the heat setting M/C.


The cloth is passed to heat setting in stenter M/C and rolled on a beam. Now the cloth is ready for Printing.


The roll of cloth is loaded on printing M/C and passed through The Blanket leading to the Air. The cloth moves between the Blanket and Screen on the printing machine. The various colors and design are printed on the cloth by the mixing of various colors and Different screen designed after the requirement.


This process is an operating of colors fixation after printing process. This M/C is operated by steam or by direct firing. The minimum Required time for color fixation on the cloth is 7 to 10 minutes.


Empty machines are washed after each batch with fresh water.


In this process the cloth is passed through heat setting stenter M/C and rolled on beam for perfect setting.


In this process the cloth passed through 0/0 M/C. Where the cloths is rolled between two rollers and maintain temperature to fix it up.


In this process the cloth passed through Foil machine where a quite thin sheet wrapping on cloth.


In this process the cloth is fold on folding machine and after that the cloth packed in polythin bag. Finally the cloth is ready for dispatch/delivery to the Party.

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